Shares in your pub

Share offer

February 25, 2015

by Steve Sakal

Towards the end of 2014 a small number of supporters formed the Untied Pub Limited company in order to buy The White Horse Inn and ensure it remains as a pub.

As a group our aim is to make the pub a warm and welcoming venue for the entire community offering good food, good beer and wine in a convivial atmosphere.

Some of us are also shareholders of The Wivenhoe Pub Co and have recently had great success with The Black Buoy pub in Wivenhoe which we opened 15 months ago after a six month period of renovation work. Its success has been capped this month by receiving the Regional (NE Essex) Rural CAMRA Pub of the Year award. We carry our experiences forward to The White Horse.

We are passionate about pubs, pub food and beer and have a thirst for reviving the White Horse. Our buildings and renovation plans are on the architects drawing board at the moment and we will be meeting again very soon with the Heritage Enabling Officer and the local planning department to discuss in detail our vision for the pub.

As with the Case Is Altered and The Black Buoy the funding for the renovation work has come in part from members of the community who purchase shares in the projects. This offers share holders an opportunity to get involved with their local pub but more importantly, it protects the pub from possible closure and redevelopment.

The White Horse operates under the rules of a Government initiative called The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and offers very generous tax breaks to investors as well as exemption from Capital Gains Tax when selling your shares. The scheme has been devised to encourage investment in new enterprises and The White Horse project has already been granted advance authorisation by HMRC for our share issue to qualify for EIS status.

Having EIS status means that any investors who pay income tax would be eligible for income tax relief equal to 30% of any amount invested, up to certain limits. You can find more information about EIS at

We are now offering members of the community an opportunity to join us by becoming share holders in the pub and by doing so, securing the future of The White Horse. The minimum investment is £200.

We will be hosting an open evening at The White Horse for those who would like to see and discuss in detail our plans for the pub.

If you are interested in joining us and would like a prospectus please phone 07971 184 852.